Christy, 20 Apprentice Electrician



I started volunteering for Giroscope just over 6 months ago. I had dropped out of college A Level courses in politics and philosophy as this was not a direction I wanted to go in.

I have worked alongside professionals in various areas of house renovation but particularly enjoyed the electrical engineering work. I am now fortunate enough to be Giroscope’s first apprentice in electrical engineering working 4 days with Giroscope and 1 day a week at college.

The will lead to being fully qualified as an electrician with a level 3 qualification. I feel that I now have a more productive life inside and out and look forward to a more positive future.


Giroscope's Housing Pledge

  • So long as the conditions of the tenancy are met, you have the right to remain in your home for as long as you wish.
  • Giroscope will not sell your house, or transfer ownership to another landlord so long as you are a tenant of that house.
  • Giroscope will not borrow money against its property in a way that endangers the financial stability of the organisation and puts your home at risk.