Ben, 14 - Work Experience

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 I came to Giroscope for work experience from Sydney Smith School. I am doing it for 2 weeks. So far i have been doing painting, sanding, plumbing and some re-wiring. I enjoyed plumbing the most as i got to crawl under the house. I picked Giroscope for my work experience because it involves 2 things i am interested in which is working in an office and construction. I have only being here for 4 days and have enjoyed most of the time. I hope to come back here again bas a volunteer or as a job. I would like to keep construction in mind though.

Solar StaircaseNew Solar signageLearning wall with some additional signagefitting perspexIMG 0624works to hallway

Giroscope's Housing Pledge

  • So long as the conditions of the tenancy are met, you have the right to remain in your home for as long as you wish.
  • Giroscope will not sell your house, or transfer ownership to another landlord so long as you are a tenant of that house.
  • Giroscope will not borrow money against its property in a way that endangers the financial stability of the organisation and puts your home at risk.